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Essentially, neuroaffirming psychology services focus on supporting and validating individuals’ diverse neurological experiences.

Instead of attempting to “fix” or alter someone’s neurology, neuroaffirming approaches emphasise acceptance and understanding. The aim is to create an environment where people feel valued and respected for their unique neurological makeup.

This approach recognises that everyone’s brain functions differently, and that’s perfectly alright! By embracing these differences, psychologists using the neuroaffirming approach can better support individuals in navigating their lives and achieving their goals.

In essence, neuroaffirming psychology celebrates neurodiversity and offers personalised, affirming support to help individuals thrive, not just survive.

What makes me a neuroaffirming psychologist?

I have “lived experience” with neurodivergence – meaning that I have family and friends who are autistic, adhd, AuADHD, PDA, dyslexic, dysgrahic, dyspraxic, and more. I am all about embracing neurodivergent differences. It’s like embracing different cultures in one family!!

When it comes to supporting my clients, I focus on understanding and accepting your needs. Instead of seeing things through a medical lens, I’m all about the social model of disability – making environments fit people, not the other way around.

My goal as a psychologist is to help my clients understand and accept who they are, who they are not and find their peace and boost their mental health. I work with you to help you figure out your goals, not dictate them to you. But when you do need support to sort things out, I’m here to help where I can.

Phones and talking are not everyone’s preferred way of communicating, so I’ve got options. You can reach out by email, ask questions and book without touching a phone if that’s not your thing. For my existing clients, you can send a quick text-only message too.

Life happens. I get that! No judgement if you’re running late or need to reschedule – that’s totally fine (our session policy still applies, because I need to stay in business and keep supporting my clients).

I use a demand-free approach. Any suggestions to try between sessions are voluntary and not an expectation. I’m providing a shame-free non-judgemental psychology service!!!!

I attend ongoing professional development, training and conferences led by other neurodivergent professionals. And I’m also working towards delivering such too *watch this space*

I treat myself as I treat my clients – to provide accomodations and supports so that I can keep working with my clients without burning out. This means I do not have back to back client sessions and do not have client facing days every working day. I take time off for my family, for personal time and for holidays. This is how I live my values of balancing my life – to find that ‘just right’ mix for ‘right now’ of income, work, personal time, family time and more.